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Enthought Canopy
Enthought Canopy
  • One-Click Python Deployment
  • Analysis Environment
  • Development Platform
  • Integrated Training on Demand
Enthought PyXLL


The Power of Python in Excel

  • Create powerful Excel add-ins
  • Easily deploy to others
  • Mitigate risk through version control
Enthought Python Training on Demand
Enthought Training on Demand

Enthought Python Training on Demand takes our proven Python curriculum taught to thousands of scientists, engineers and analysts over the last decade and delivers it in a convenient, flexible online format.

Enthought Scientific Software Consulting and Application Development

Software Consulting and
Application Development

Our data analysis, data visualization, and data processing expertise can help you:

  • Turn ideas into results
  • Translate data into actionable insight
  • Fast track innovation

SciPy 2015 Call for Talks

The 14th Annual Scientific Computing with Python Conference (SciPy) is scheduled for July 6-12, 2015 in Austin, Texas. There's always something new and exciting going on at the intersection of science and Python and the SciPy Conference is a great opportunity to share. In addition to the general Scientific Python track, this year’s main tracks include Python for Data Science and Quantitative and Computational Social Sciences, plus seven domain-specific mini-symposia topics. Visit the SciPy 2015 website for details or to submit a proposal before April 10, 2015. Go to the SciPy 2015 website We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Live Training

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NEW! Graphical Debugger

Enthought Canopy's new graphical Python debugger has powerful functionality to help you quickly find and fix code errors, understand and investigate code, and write new code more quickly.

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